Reader Response


readerresponseThe Constant Choice is a remarkable book, recounting a remarkable journey. Peter Georgescu reveals the power of continuous introspection and helps the reader discover the truly brilliant insights contained in myriad religious texts over centuries and across cultures, that enable one to develop a uniquely personal belief system to guide one’s everyday life. Georgescu’s story, only bits of which had been known to even close friends, has the penetrating intimacy that stems from a profound personal transformation. Communism may not be the same threat to individual thinking that it once was. But the pervasiveness and persuasive power of today’s media and social networks exact an inordinate influence on our young people’s ability to be independent thinkers. The Constant Choice addresses this in direct and metaphorical ways. As an educator, I highly recommend this book to those who share wisdom with the next generation with the goal of making our world a better place, day by day.      –Bronx Counselor, from