Reader Response


readerresponseThis came to me as a letter, which in itself is a wonderful thing. Who goes to the trouble to send someone else a letter now?

Dear Mr. Georgescu,

I had the greatest pleasure listening to your fascinating presentation about your latest book at the University Club a few days ago. Hearing your story and your beliefs I decided right away to buy a copy of the book, which you had the great kindness to sign for me. Since then, I’ve been reading it with almost unparalleled enthusiasm, finding in very sentence something to think about, to get inspired by, and to pass on to other people close to me.

I am not a fast reader, and I haven’t finished it yet; but many things that you wrote about resonated deeply with me and made me re-consider certain aspects of my personality and behavior which lately I have become a little too complacent about. As a musician, I try to do my share of good in our world today, and my efforts are not always met with the kind of response I would hope for. Your words and your attitude towards life made me understand that one can never do “too much” when it is for a good cause and the ability to look forward and (sometimes) sail against current is the mark of a truly successful man.

Matel Varga