Reader Response


readerresponseFrom a friend after a talk I gave about The Constant Choice. What I liked about Victor’s reaction was that he immediately recognized how my message wasn’t really about me, it was about him and everyone else in the audienceIn answer to his last suggestion , this blog and the one I do for  Huffington Post are ways I keep readers abreast of how the world is trying, and often succeeding, in choosing what’s good:

“It was such a pleasure to see and hear you last night! As they say on the West End, “You owned the stage.” Your message was clear and inspiring–even though it is a message that isn’t easy to act on. I think most of us went home saying, “What can I do about Peter’s message?” Your personal story is so dramatic, it gives your philosophy a solid foundation. Your experience as a speaker serves you well. Why not make it an annual report on how the world is responding to this issue?”