Reader Response

In good and evil

From a friend, thoughts on The Constant Choice:

Here are a few points that really struck me.

You convey how one’s own world view deeply affects the ability one has to navigate in life, to respond and to contribute. Most of us are not even aware of the fact that we hold different worldviews–consciously or unconsciously–and how essential it is to investigate them. And you do this with courage. In reading your book one does not feel this is only a theoretical investigation, but something much bigger. Reading your book one feels that engaging with these questions, what is Good, what is Evil, what does a true morality mean, where are we going as a human race, what is our responsibility–is a serious endeavor that has bigger implications.

It’s very powerful as you describe the shift in your perspective in seeing that Evil is not “out there”, but within each one of us. My teacher once said: “In each one of us are the seeds of Hitler as well as seeds of Buddha. All that matters is our choice and which direction we want to go. Then those seeds will become fruits and will show which kind of human being we become.”