Strange Wardrobe. Warm Heart.


I’m baffled by what Lady Gaga puts on in the morning. By that I mean, I don’t have a meat suit hanging in my wardrobe. I will always be baffled by a certain type of celebrity behavior. People who thrive the way she does under a certain wattage of media attention, swimming around in the electronic fishbowl for all to see, leave me either bored or baffled or sadly befuddled. Yet I’m gaga for at least one aspect of this lady’s world: the Born This Way Foundation. It’s dedicated to promoting kindness and ending bullying. It was reminded of this while writing about the anger that has become endemic in the way we address issues now. We need more kindness, more understanding and compassion. As Gaga’s mother put it: “My daughter’s foundation was born out of her passion to create a better world where people are kinder and nicer to one another and are accepted for who they are.” Her foundation has worked with the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the California Endowment and The Berkman Center at Harvard. The team has been assembled to explore how best to reach young people and work to nurture a culture of acceptance, kindness and bravery. It’s almost chivalrous, but that would require a suit of armor, wouldn’t it? Who knows, she probably has one of those too.