I learned recently that being kind is, chemically, physically, good for your heart. Not your metaphorical heart—though it’s good for that too, I’ve always known that. I’m talking about the muscle itself. I learned about the physiological processes behind this from a TEDx speaker. (I’m on a TEDx kick now, watching many of these talks…Read More

Some popular research data recently emerged claiming that human beings are moving on a kinder, gentler trajectory. The evidence, fewer wars where thousands were slaughtered.  Fewer murders in towns and cities.  Therefore, they say, evil is losing out, the good is thriving.  One glance at the news suggests otherwise, and all the evidence in my…Read More

If you’re less than inspired by  politicians in the United States, you simply need to look a little further south to feel more inspired. Uruguay’s seemingly incorruptible president has been called the world’s poorest and most generous leader. Jose Mujica offers the world a model for leadership through his  character as a statesman and a…Read More