If the test of character is what you do when nobody’s looking, then Harvard students have been failing badly lately: even as they ace their finals. Along with many other schools, students at this Ivy League university are cheating. You can’t get through a week now without seeing another newspaper article or post about how…Read More

  It’s easy to be good when you have something to gain by it. The test is when you have a lot to lose by standing up for what’s right. Here’s someone who did exactly that: Name: Gerald J. Arpey Title: CEO, American Airlines The Good: Resigned in 2011 with no severage package and nearly…Read More

Yesterday, my wife Barbara and I had the privilege to attend the inauguration of the Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City. It’s an island we’re able to see from our East Side apartment window, which looks out over the East River toward Queens and Brooklyn. The island has been there for many…Read More

In her heart, Malala Yousufzai is an American. She is your neighbor, your sister, your daughter, your grand-daughter. She is not only courageous, but she has become, for me, the embodiment of what the United States stands for, our values, our ideals and the goodness inherent in our system. She’s a beacon of freedom in…Read More